Smith Rancho is in Big Gulch Ranching for Wildlife so we are able to hunt elk, deer, and antelope for ninety days. No hunting applications are necessary, and licenses are guaranteed.

Hunt deer, elk, and antelope on 50,000 privately owned acres in Northwest Colorado. The ranch headquarters are located ten miles north of Hayden, and 28 miles west of Steamboat Springs.

Colorado Elk Hunting

The average bull taken on Smith Rancho is a 5 point with several 6 points harvested each year. Our elk hunts start the 1st of September and continue until November the 29th.
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Colorado Mule Deer Hunting

Colorado is known for some of the best mule deer hunting in the world. Smith Rancho’s average buck is about 160-170 class with several trophy 185-190 class bucks taken in the past few years.
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Colorado Antelope Hunting

We have an abundant amount of antelope with herds of a hundred or more. Our pronghorns are from the mid to high 70’s. Our antelope hunters for the past couple of years have enjoyed a 100% success rate.
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You will see more elk than you have ever seen before—unless you have hunted with us in the past. Smith Rancho is one of Northwest Colorado’s premier elk and mule deer hunting ranches. A hunting experience that will never be forgotten in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.