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Locating the Morgan Creek Ranch

Smith Rancho is approximately ten miles north of Hayden, CO. Upon entering Hayden, CO, from the east, drive a couple of long blocks staying on the same main highway (Hwy 40) until you enter the downtown area of Hayden (it’s about three long blocks). Turn right when you come to a sign that points to the California Park Road. The sign is a big green one and it will be very hard to miss. You will drive about a mile and a half and go over a small bridge over the Yampa River. Then there’s a fork in the road—turn right again—staying on the California Park Road (it’s very well marked). Several more miles you will come to another fork in the road. This time go left (it’s also well marked—California Park Road). Continue on staying on the main road until you come to a huge gate on the right marked SMITH RANCHO, INC. Turn in and continue on the private road—don’t turn left where all the red buildings are—that’s the bunkhouse and headquarters. Our ranch house is located one mile from the main gate.